Crestmont Announces Middle School Expansion

Crestmont Announces Middle School Expansion

We are excited to share the news that Crestmont School will begin expansion to a K-8 school next year, 2017-18, starting with our first 6th Grade class!

Middle school is a time of intense growth – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. It is a critical time in the development of children’s sense of themselves and their relationship to the world. The essential questions of the middle school child are: Who am I? What gifts do I bring to my community? How can I make a difference?

To answer these questions, students need meaningful curriculum, a trusting community of peers, and respectful mentoring. Students also need a solid academic foundation to succeed in high school and college.

Middle school students thrive when learning feels real and relevant to their lives. In grades 6-8, Crestmont will continue its high academic standards, and will increase its emphasis on field studies, community involvement, and the arts in order to give students broad opportunities to develop their passions and engage deeply with the world around them. Student work will genuinely enrich the school, local community, and environment.

Come see us in action and schedule a tour today!