Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Krystyna grew up in Southern California and moved to the Bay Area to earn her B.A. in Mathematics and Dance from San Francisco State University.  After earning her degrees, she began teaching middle and high school algebra, modern dance and choreography. In 2001, she received her Master’s in Educational Foundations at Cal State Los Angeles, and moved to Philadelphia to complete her second Master’s in Dance Education at Temple University.  During her 11 years in Philadelphia, she taught in public schools, and continued performing and choreographing dance routines in the local community.

Krystyna returned to California to be closer to her family and enjoys traveling to the Los Angeles area to spend time with her nieces, nephew, and parents. Krystyna enjoys being outdoors and looks forward to camping and skiing throughout the year. At home, she is an avid reader and likes to curl up with a good book and her kitty.

Krystyna aspires to share her love of math and its amazing historical and modern contributions observed within nature and society’s constant change toward simplification.