Physical Education Teacher


Michael Lewis Simpson (Mr. Michael), is a native Californian who grew up in Richmond and graduated from Kennedy High School. He attended two years of college out of state on athletic scholarships for football and track, then transferred to California State University where he earned a BS degree in Exercise Physiology. After college he embarked on a career as a certified fitness professional, working in both the non-profit education and for-profit sectors.

Michael has been a speaker and presenter at workshops for teachers and preschool educators on the subjects of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. In 1999 he partnered with Andrew Oser to introduce the coaching and training model “The Joy of Sports” to San Francisco Bay Area educational professionals. Since 2000, Michael has successfully trained teachers and staff in this model at more than 75 schools and after school programs, with a particular focus on serving inner city schools.

Michael came to Crestmont School in 2007 as the lunchtime physical activity facilitator, and became the physical education teacher in 2008. He also currently serves as physical activity coordinator in lunchtime wellness programs in the San Francisco Unified School District. Michael develops innovative strategies to introduce social-emotional learning and physical play into his PE lessons, striving to make PE fun for all students. Michael believes that through physical play we can promote the development of  successful life skills and qualities like concentration, cooperation, self-esteem, imagination, and relaxation, and help teach conflict resolution skills.