Music Teacher

vida_bateauVida Bateau, who students also know as Mama Vida, has been teaching music to elementary school children for over 30 years. Vida teaches mostly from the Orff-Shulwerk philosophy, which is a modern reincarnation of the ancient Greek idea that music, movement, and speech are deeply interconnected. This elemental approach to music is open-ended and perpetually new, as each child or group creates unique pieces.

Vida’s main instruments are guitar, saxophone, hand drums, and recorders. She has studied and performed music from the European Renaissance and Baroque, and percussion from all over the African Diaspora and North India.

Vida lives in Berkeley with her wife, two teenage children, a cat, and a dog. She plays alto saxophone in the Latin jazz orchestra at La Peña, Berkeley, has a regular yoga practice, and retreats to her garden for inspiration and relief.