Crestmont School inspires children to be changemakers. We cultivate a learning environment where students become critical and creative thinkers, skillful collaborators, and courageous, compassionate citizens.


We are a community of learners.

Children, teachers, staff, and family members work, play, learn, and grow together. We teach and nurture the skills of communication, collaboration, and problem solving as a living, breathing example of democracy in action. These skills and attitudes foster community and civic involvement throughout a child’s life.

Our cooperative structure fosters a strong connection between home and school.

Being part of this close-knit community can be a transformative experience for families. Parents are directly involved in their child’s educational experience, the daily operations of the school, and in decision making. This bond between home and school is proven to support student success and resilience. The co-op governance structure, together with our educational philosophy, creates a strong, supportive elementary school environment, and ensures each child’s voice is heard.

We embrace a progressive educational philosophy.

Our approach is holistic: our educational program is well-rounded, challenging, and fun. Real-life situations, hands-on curriculum, and extensive investigation lead to deep understanding and growth. Our low student-to-adult ratio makes it possible to offer differentiated and flexible teaching styles to meet each child’s needs. We extend our learning environment far beyond our campus—our field studies make Northern California our classroom. This educational approach supports children to find and express their voice, and to learn how to contribute to positive change in the world.

We are a diverse school that is committed to inclusion, engagement, and kindness.

At Crestmont, every child matters. We recruit, welcome, and affirm children, families, and faculty who reflect the diversity of the Bay Area. The co-op structure and affordable tuition support this commitment. Our teachers create a curriculum that respects and responds to the dignity and individuality of all.

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