Crestmont School is a parent-run cooperative with extraordinary teachers and small classes. Through service on the Board of Directors, parents work in partnership with the Head of School to manage both day-to-day and long-term operations. The parent coop format encourages a great deal of interaction between the faculty and parents as well as among parents. This interaction creates a strong, supportive school community, and greatly benefits both the child and families. Crestmont epitomizes the proverb, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.”

The Head of School supports and fulfills the school’s mission, vision, and goals; provides educational leadership; and assures the school’s current vitality and future stability. The Board of Directors, comprised entirely of parents, supports hiring decisions, seeking staff to implement the school’s philosophy and program. Teachers deliver an integrated curriculum designed to prepare our students to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Parents are involved in many ways in helping the staff provide an enriched environment for the children. Parents can participate in the classroom, help supervise on the playground during snack and lunch, drive on field trips, help children with plays, accompany camping trips, and share talents in areas ranging from music and drawing to map making and astronomy. Because many families are not able to participate with the children on a regular basis, Crestmont provides a range of involvement options, both inside and outside the classroom walls.

Close contact with the school guarantees Crestmont parents up-to-date knowledge about the children’s activities, academic and social skills, and peer relationships. Crestmont children benefit from the diverse and creative pool of talent among member families. The students grow up surrounded by an alliance of adults devoted to their growth and well-being, who in turn find themselves enriched by what the Crestmont “village” has to offer our families. Parents build deep, long-lasting connections with other parents. Taking part in the collective effort of supporting the school and the children from kindergarten through fifth grade graduation is a profound experience for Crestmont families.

Co-Op Obligation

Crestmont relies on the participation of all parents for its maintenance and functioning. We have an innovative parent choice program that allows each family to select where to invest their time and talents to best support the school and match their schedules. While we expect each family to perform one of our family jobs, to invest a minimum amount of time in their maintenance, fundraising and development obligations, we offer flexibility in how each family meets these obligations.

Note: Families facing serious difficulties may apply for a waiver of a portion of the service obligations. All rates are subject to change by the Membership each spring.

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