With its close proximity (2 min drive) to I-80, Crestmont School and Crestmont Summer Camp serve children from many communities.  This is because our convenient location between Hercules, Pinole, San Pablo, Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington and Berkeley allows parents to quickly drop off their child without adding significant commute time.

Many Crestmont School and Crestmont Summer Camp kids live in Berkeley, California.  Therefore Crestmont encourages all its students to get to know this diverse and welcoming community.

Here is a list of some of the resources and activities in Berkeley that may be of interest to elementary school age children:

  • Lawrence Hall of Science / 1 Centennial Dr., Berkeley, 94720 / (510) 642-5132/ The Lawrence Hall of Science is a public science center that offers hands-on science exhibits, designs curriculum, aids professional development, and offers after school science resources to students of all ages. Wikipedia

  • Adventure Playground / 160 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 / (510) 981-6720 / Adventure Playground is an urban park and adventure playground in Berkeley, California, located at the Berkeley Marina. All of the play structures have been constructed by kids, who earn tools by doing things like collecting loose nails from the ground. Wear sturdy shoes!

  • Tilden Nature Area & Little Farm / Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, 94708 / 510-544-2233 / Little Farm a tiny working farm tucked away in Tilden Regional Park. They have cows, goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, and a group of turkeys that wander freely. Bring the kids here to feed the animals and enjoy the abundant wildlife.

  • East Bay Vivarium / 1827-C Fifth St., Berkeley, 94710 / (510) 841-1400 /  If your little one likes lizards, here is where you go to scope out what might be the next member of your family.

There’s more fun to be had. So we invite you to check out more information about the East Bay, California communities that Crestmont serves.