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Crestmont was envisioned, grew, and continues to thrive because of deep collaboration between parents, administration, and staff. Our mission of social justice means collectively running the school, but also stepping up to support not only Crestmont students, but each other. 

This movie was made over a decade ago and holds true, a testament to the longevity of our school. The values of Crestmont are steadfast and the sense and care of the community remains today. 



"The flexibility, kindness, and generosity of the staff and community set Crestmont apart from other schools. My child is learning, engaged, connected, and proud of his work."


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"The commitment that everyone has to building, supporting, and growing our community is amazing! #MagicOfCrestmont"



"Everyone puts their heart into the well-being of the school, which perfectly complements the work of the highly professional, creative, and thoughtful teachers and staff."

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