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Crestmont is committed to recruiting and serving a diverse population of families, students, and staff, and supporting differences. Crestmont does not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behavior toward any of our students, families, faculty, or staff. Our shared goal for children is that they develop a passion for education along with a strong sense of self-esteem and value of diversity that inspires them to bring their best selves forward.




“Crestmont supports my daughter to become a changemaker by helping her hold big real-life topics such as the pandemic and election. The community has provided support and belonging to our whole family while we navigate this challenging time.”



"As a multiracial family of a "2E" student, we have been pleasantly surprised by the cognitive and racial diversity at Crestmont School. With small classes and focused attention on every child, students are able to build up strengths while being supported by empathic adults who can help them navigate challenges. Crestmont doesn't just talk about diversity- it is really a daily practice of acceptance, respect and authentic community."


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"At one of the recent meetings there was a discussion about times when folxs have experienced discrimination. It was great to see people openly discuss issues about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc."

All people have an indisputable right to thrive, feel safe, and express their unique identity. Our goal is to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that promotes mutual respect. We commit to learning, teaching, and practicing equity and inclusion so that everyone in our community builds healthy perspectives and develops skills needed to become positive changemakers in the world.


We recognize that discrimination or harassment can take many forms including verbal, non-verbal, written, or physical, and as such, all discriminatory and/or harassing behavior is prohibited at all times.  Crestmont staff (and where appropriate Board of Directors) shall be notified and immediately responsive to any behavior contrary to this policy. You can see the Code of Conduct for our Board here.

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