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At Crestmont, the Arts are integral to students’ academic experience and bring joy and richness to the classroom. Each grade has a dedicated music and visual arts session at least once a week, and many classroom activities incorporate visual art, dance and movement, and music. Our visual arts classes allow students to get messy while creating unique work and learning about artists from around the world. Our music program uses the Orff method that combines song and instrument playing with movement. Our energetic and dedicated music teacher, Dianne H., leads each class in songs from different cultures and regions and leads the whole school in weekly singalongs. Drama and dance are incorporated into class time: each class – kindergarten through middle school – performs a play at the end of the school year.


Our physical education program emphasizes the importance of engaging in regular fitness activities as a component of leading a healthy life. Mr. Michael promotes teamwork, good sportsmanship, a physically active lifestyle and confidence through creative and fun activities. Students partake in activities including dance moves, Banana Tag, squats, and step-ups, all the while having fun and learning to enjoy moving their bodies in an intentional and healthy way. 



The methodology we use in our Spanish classes is TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) a language teaching methodology that incorporates the use of stories and dramatization in learning the language. Students play games, read, write and act out stories that reinforce the conversational vocabulary of the Spanish language.



Our science program is incorporated into the curriculum for each class and emphasizes hands-on experimental science. We understand how important it is for students to connect to science through tactile projects that give them a better understanding of how the world works, how to conduct an experiment, change the variables, and build models. Our science program ensures that students are confident and prepared to investigate the world around them.

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