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For over 50 years Crestmont has been member run. The benefits of this collective endeavor come with both pride and responsibility and we hope that all applicants take this to heart.

Crestmont is strongest when each of our members has a sense of ownership that manifests in the participation of everyday care and maintenance of our grounds, promoting the school when given the opportunity, responding quickly to requests for help, and making a commitment to the school’s well-being.


  • Community labor means lower tuition, which allows Crestmont to be an accessible and diverse community

  • All members of the community have an equal voice in decision making

  • A strong sense of community enriches the lives of members and creates a fabric of support for families and teachers

  • The school naturally reflects the needs and desires of our families and staff and we are able to pivot as our needs change

  • Close contact to the school guarantees that parents have accurate and current knowledge of their children’s activities

  • Families build deep, long-lasting connections

  • Taking part in the collective effort of supporting the school is often a profound experience for Crestmont families

  • Seeing their parents empowered by community empowers our children

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The running of our school and well-being of our staff depends on our families completing our work requirements. All unfulfilled work requirements will result in fines as described in our school handbook.*

  1. Attend 4 membership meetings (September, November, January and May). Membership meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month. Attendance by at least one parent from a family is required. Childcare is provided on an as needed basis. Any member is able to put items on the agenda. 

  2. Hold a family job. Family jobs are assigned in March for the following school year. The amount of time that these jobs take varies a great deal and are assigned based on availability, skillset, and interest. Examples of family jobs include: serving on the Fundraising Committee, tracking extended care hours, being a room parent, providing technology support, coordinating school events, or holding a Board position. Families can also sign up to become “operational chairs” for committees such as Maintenance, Finance, and Marketing. These positions oversee and provide assistance to families and are exempt from Community Hours.

  3. Attend 2 Maintenance Work Parties (one in August and one during the school year).

  4. Contribute 20 Community Hours for activities that are outside the scope of your family job, including participating in  fundraising, special maintenance requests, volunteering in the classroom and on field trips, or assisting with marketing needs. The Head of School, Board Members, and Operational Chairs put task requests out throughout the school year.

*Waivers and Buy-Out Families facing serious difficulties may apply for a waiver of a portion of the service obligations. Crestmont also offers families the ability to “buyout” of their co-op responsibilities.   All rates are subject to change by the Membership each spring.

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